Vancouver Population Growth Lagging Behind Other Major Cities

Over the five years from 2011 to 2016, Vancouver experienced a dismal population growth when compared with other major Western Canadian cities at just 5%. Similar cities such as Edmonton or Calgary saw double digit growth. At 7%, even Victoria saw more growth than Vancouver.

As a young person starting a life here, I have seen and felt the impact of our high cost of living, with many of my friends, family members, and colleagues choosing to relocate to other cities. We currently stand to lose much of our momentum as a city, impacting both our economy and livability. 

In order to reverse this trend, drastic measures need to be taken immediately to increase the supply of affordable rental housing. These include creating incentives for the creation of Purpose Built Rental housing, an increase in the Empty Homes Tax from one to three percent, as well as aggressive action to bring illegal Short-Term Rentals into the Long-Term market. In my platform release, I intend to address all of these issues and more to help Vancouver attract the best and brightest from across the country and world.