The availability of transportation options is one of the primary things that makes Vancouver a world class city. I am committed to continuing the progress this city has made on developing active transportation routes and expanding our public transportation offerings, including rapid transit along Broadway to UBC.

Partisan Politics

In line with national trends, the city and its politics have become increasingly divided along party lines. I'm committing to working with the entire council, regardless of party affiliation, to provide the people of Vancouver with the higher standard of service possible. 

Electoral Reform

In order to create a more representative democracy, I am advocating for a number of changes to how elections are run in Vancouver. As a City Councillor, I will be a staunch supporter for an end to the First Past The Post system and a move to Proportional Representation. Additionally, I strongly believe, in line with City Council's 2018 decision, that the right to vote municipally should be extended to Permanent Residents who meet all other standards of voting eligibility.

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