Affordable housing

  • Incentivizing and legalizing Purpose Built Rentals across the city to achieve a vacancy rate of at least 3%

  • Ending the "apartment ban" in the areas of Vancouver reserved for detached homes to begin to allow multifamily housing of 2 - 6 stories, with higher density near major transit hubs and not solely on polluted arterials

  • In addition to market-rate Purpose Built Rentals, creating incentives for rental housing for those that the market will not serve. This includes Social/Supportive Housing as well as Temporary Modular Housing.

  • Working with the community to protect vulnerable neighbourhoods such as Chinatown, Hogan's Alley, and the Downtown East Side

  • Tripling the Empty Homes Tax to 3% and aggressively pursuing illegal Short Term Rentals and Airbnbs

  • Lobbying the Federal and Provincial governments to ensure speculators face the full societal cost of their actions

  • Decreasing parking requirements for development projects located near public transit options


  • Expanding public transportation offerings, including the Broadway Skytrain all the way to UBC

  • Continuing investment into our city’s world-class active transportation and bike lane network

  • In line with the #AllOnBoard campaign, working with TransLink to introduce free transit for all youth under the age of 18 as well as a sliding scale pass based on income

  • Protecting all current separated bike lanes and ensuring future ones are built. Separated bike lanes save lives (paint is not infrastructure!)

  • Creating more bus-only lanes to ensure prioritization for mass public transit

  • Limiting vehicle speeds on all residential streets to 30 KM/H

  • Creating an ‘Office of Accessibility’ to address mobility and accessibility throughout the City of Vancouver, including sidewalks, greenways, and public transit, as well as issues that transcend transportation

Opioid Epidemic

  • Supporting harm reduction strategies and the outstanding work groups like the Overdose Prevention Society do in our city

  • Advocating at the provincial level for no-barrier housing

  • Introducing Proportional Representation and Ranked Ballots at the municipal level

  • Extending municipal voting rights to Permanent Residents

Electoral Reform

  • Creating a clear and publicly available formula for all city financial transactions, including Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) and Developer Cost Levies (DCLs)

  • Providing an open calendar to create a public record of day-to-day meetings and sessions

  • Distributing weekly status reports on the City of Vancouver website to measure progress against the Council’s stated goals