Civic Duty

Across all levels of government, the influence of "donation" money has increased substantially while the level of transparency in decision making has nearly completely dropped off. As a City Councillor, I am seeking to recreate and "Employee-Employer" relationship between City Hall and Vancouverites. I want to go to work and report to each and every member of this outstanding city.

Open Calendar

If elected to City Council, I am committing to opening up my calendar to the public, so citizens are able to view who I am meeting with, about what, and for how long. 

Status reporting

Too often, goals and promises of elected officials completely disappear after the election. Vancouverites knowing the progress of their elected officials' goals is a crucial part of transparency. As such, I am committing to weekly status reports of the progress I and my prospective colleagues' make on our stated objectives at the beginning of our mandate. 

Financial Conflicts of interest

Financial conflicts of interest have become increasingly commonplace in all levels of politics today. To remove any question of where my priorities lie, I am not accepting any personal campaign donations. I am encouraging those who would like to support the campaign to volunteer with our cause and/or direct any intended donation to one of Vancouver's many fantastic charitable organizations. Should I be elected I am also committing to limiting all personal investments to broad-based index funds over which my decision making would have no impact and am encouraging my fellow candidates to do the same.